diatribes & Cristaan Alvear
"Roshambo (trio)"

Cyril Bondi (percussions, objects)
d'incise (laptop)
Cristian Alvear (guitar)

Recorded in Santiago, Chile, 11.12.2014 at Madre Selva studio, by Alfonso Perez.
Mix, master and artwork by d'incise.

available on 1000fussler .
1000fussler 031, 2015

" This new version of diatribes's piece "Roshambo" (previoulsy released in duo version on the "A new castle" album) was recorded in Santiago, Chile in december 2014, during diatribes tour in South America. It consist of an ongoing recombination of a limited amount of subtle and soft sound textures, like a serie of slow breathes, taking a new instrumental color with Cristian`s guitar, a more electronic aspect due to d'incise choice of sounds and fieldrecording fragments, along Cyril's delicat touch on acoustic objects."


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