Constantly searching for new spaces to explore, he uses his instrument as a way to touch upon surrealist worlds. The pulsation, a simple tribal dance that solicits the mind, is deconstructed and reappears with a start underlining the complexity of his sound. He evolves as a tightrope walker, sweeping the void around him with his arms, giving it a human or bestial face. Cyril Bondi plays the drums and percussions since 1994. He is a founding member of the band Plaistow with Johann Bourquenez on piano and Vincent Ruiz on doublebass. In the field of experimentations, he works for several years with d'incise in differents projects as diatribes, La Tène and karst. He plays also in duo with Toma Gouband, Christoph Schiller and Yann Leguay (in the project komatsu).
He organises and leads the Insub Meta Orchestra and he's one of the coordinators of INSUB.

He plays or/and are played with Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, Otomo Yoshihide, Hans Koch, Jason Kahn, Damo Suzuki, Christoph Schiller, Christian Weber, Jacques Demierre, Peter Jacquemyn, Magda Mayas, Jonas Kocher, Tatsuya Nakatani, Robin Haward, Johann Bourquenez, Raphaël Ortis, d'incise, Michel Wintsch, Hannah Marshall, Alexis Degrenier, Bertrand Gauguet, Dominic Lash, Patrick Farmer, Toma Gouband, Phil Durrant, Dragos Tara, Abstral Compost, Tomas Korber, Laurent Bruttin, Patricia Bosshard, Ernesto Rodrigues, and many more.

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