Plaistow on tour

Super excited to start the Plaistow's Titan spring tour with 17 concerts in Belgium, Switzerland, France, Germany, Russia, and Netherlands. Please check on the concerts page or on Plaistow's website. See you there!



Newsletter #34 // TITAN - new album pre-orders & video clip
September 15th, 2015

Bam !

We are very excited/proud/unbearably happy to launch today the pre-orders for our forthcoming album, TITAN.
It will be available as 2xLP, CD or Digital Download (via BandCamp, iTunes and many others).
Here is a very short introduction : TITAN is a 14 tracks album freely inspired by the moons of Saturn.
So, the release is in 3 weeks, October 6th. But you can pre-order it right now, from our *brand new* website:

Nous sommes très heureux/contents/tout excités de lancer aujourd'hui les pré-commandes de notre nouvel album, TITAN.
Il sera disponible en vinyl (2xLP), CD, et au téléchargement (via BandCamp, iTunes et beaucoup d'autres).
Voici une très courte description : TITAN est un album 14 titres inspiré librement des satellites de Saturne.
Donc, la sortie se fera dans 3 semaines, le 6 Octobre. Mais vous pouvez le pré-commander tout de suite sur notre *tout nouveau* site:

The cover design is an impressive work by Atlas Studio, based on photos by NASA's Spacecraft Cassini - orbiting around Saturn.
Well, the (beautiful) video clip for "KARI" by Janice Siegrist uses 130.000 of thoses images, re-creating motion:
La pochette est un travail impressionnant de Atlas Studio, basée sur les photos de la sonde Cassini (NASA) - qui orbite autour de Saturne.
En fait, le (beau) clip de Janice Siegrist pour "KARI" utilise 130.000 de ces images, et re-crée le mouvement:

...mmh, there is also a story behind the band's photos by Mehdi Benkler. Shortly : we went on the Glacier d'Argentière, 2300m high.
...mmh, il y a aussi une histoire derrière les photos du groupe, de Mehdi Benkler. En bref : nous sommes allés sur le Glacier d'Argentière, à 2300m d'altitude.

That's it ! see you on October 6th for the release ! and by the end of the year at our concerts (more to be announced soon !)
Et voilà ! à bientôt pour la sortie le 6 Octobre, et d'ici la fin de l'année en concert (d'autres seront bientôt annoncés !)

7 nov. - Berlin Jazz Festival/D
9 nov. - Jazzd'Or - Strasbourg/F
27 nov. Les Murs Du Son - La Chaux De Fond/CH

10 dec. Paradox - Tilburg/NL
12 dec. State-X Festival/NL
13 dec. Jazzdock - Prague/CZ
22 dec. Moods - Zürich/CH

Yeah !




Johann Bourquenez, piano
Vincent Ruiz, doublebass
Cyril Bondi, drums



Magnus Granberg -
'How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?'

I'm very proud to be part of this new release on Another Timbre // at87
with Magnus Granberg (prepared piano), D'incise (electronics & objects), Teresa Hackel (bass recorder), Wolfgang Hillemann (chitarrone), Anna Lindal (baroque violin), Hans-Jurg Meier (bass recorder), Anna-Kaise Meklin (viola da gamba), Eric Ruffing (analogue synthesiser), Christoph Schiller (spinet and objects) and Cyril Bondi (percussion & objects)!
You can order it on another timbre



For their first LP, diatribes deconstruct two classical roots reggae tunes from the 1970's. The sources are extended to an electro-acoustic approach resulting in two highly detailed textures of completely different character. Spring reverbs, noises, chords and even rythm fragments appear and disappear. 300 copies on 180g vinyl
You can order it on aussenraum records


Second part of diatribes tour / France:
25mar15 Zero Stock (Rennes/FR)
26mar15 Diffusio (Angers/FR)
27mar15 LYL (Lyon/FR)
Soon release on Aussenraum records


On the 19th of March, Plaistow back to Belgium at the great Leuwen jazz festival


With diatribes,we're going to make some concerts in Europe this spring for the release of our first LP "Great stone/Blood dunza". Berlin, Prague, Ostrava, Graz, Geneva, Rennes, Angers, Lyon, Manchester, Bilbao, Basel, Lugano! Here we are!
Soon release on Aussenraum records


I have two new release on Insub.records in this beginning of 2015. The first one released is with the Insub Meta Orchestra / Archive #3. We recorded 4 new pieces with 30 musicians at the amazing Ernest Ansermet studio. The second one is a brand new duo with Toma Gouband called Hi No Tori. Enjoy!


Newsletter #29 - Plaistow


We don't play so much in Geneva, but this week we will.
All these concerts (except London) will feature our live video projections by Nicolas Berger.

03 oct – Geneva (CH) – Spoutnik
14 oct – Lausanne (CH) – EPFL
31 oct – Rotterdam (NL) – Jazz International
20 nov – London (UK) – London Jazz Festival
27 nov – Liepaja (LV) – Hiks Hall
28 nov – Cesis (LV) – Vidzeme Concert Hall
29 nov – Daugavpils (LV) – Mark Rothko Art Centre

+ infos : www.plaistow.cc/concerts

Lacrimosa LP (reissue) -
We will reissue our 2012 album "Lacrimosa" as a LP Vinyl, early November.
+ infos : www.plaistow.cc/lacrimosa

Next Album -
Our next album is scheduled for April 2015...


** two concerts in July with Plaistow**
// Friday 11th - Montreux Jazz Festival (CH) - Jazz Club
// Thursday 17th - Gent Jazz Festival (BE) - Main Stage

"Plaistow (Geneva, CH) proved to be one of the revelations of the Ghent showcase festival Glimps earlier this month. In Russia and India, this trio fills up large halls with its extraordinary music with repetitive and meditative passages, soundscapes and noise. The complex music of this company put together as a classical jazz trio reveals influences of the compositions of Steve Reich and Glass, as well as those of electronic music, from Squarepusher to dub." (Gent Jazz Festival)


Diatribes post-augustus spring tour in France, England, Germany & Austria!

14.05 Somewhere, Nantes, F
15.05 Petit-maroc, St-Nazaire, F
16.05 Plateforme, Paris, F
17.05 A better noise, Newcastle, Uk
18.05 F.A.G radio, Bristol, Uk
19.05 Café Oto, London, Uk
20.05 The Coach House, Brighton, Uk
04.06 Phonophon, Frankfurt, De
05.06 Altes Finazamt, Berlin, De
06.06 Frequenzgänge, Hamburg, De
10.06 Velak, Vienna, A
20.06.2014 Avantgarde Festival, Schiphorst, De


Amis parisiens! Ce lundi 28 avril au Centre culturel suisse, avec Plaistow, nous présenterons notre nouveau projet vidéo!!!

28apr14 Centre culturel suisse (Paris/France)



I'm very excited to go on tour for the seventh time in Russia!

09apr14 DK Proton (Protvino/RU)
10apr14 Truba (Novosibirsk/RU)
11apr14 Philharmonic hall (Krasnoyarsk/RU)
12apr14 Aelita (Tomsk/RU)
13apr14 State Poly University (St-Petersburg/RU)
14apr14 Philharmonic hall (Pskov/RU)
16apr14 Museum of Arts (Cheboksary/RU)
17apr14 Star Royal Jazz Cafe (Kazan/RU)
18apr14 DOM Club (Moscow/RU)
19apr14 MuzEnergo festival (Dubna/RU)


some of my releases are now at 5 euros!!!

Diatribes Augustus


We're very happy to announce the launch of our new serie of publication.
We also turned the name Insubordinations into INSUB. and made a new website insub.org/

It takes the aspect of albums released in download/digital formats, accompagned by a
printed edition containing an A3 sheet with texts, scores, images related to the music.

So we start with:

Hannes Lingens Four Pieces for Quintet
Diatribes Augustus

more details: insub.org/



23 nov – Hyderabad (IN) – November Festival
24 nov – Pune (IN) – Shisha Jazz Cafe
27 nov – Mumbai (IN) – Bombay Jazz Club
28 nov – Mumbai (IN) – Edward Theatre
29 nov – Bangalore (IN) – Windmills Craftworks
30 nov – Goa (IN) – International Jazz Live Festival

more details: www.plaistow.cc/concerts


News for october

First I'll present on the 9th my "double floor toms" solo in Besançon/France for the BRAC in l'Atelier de l'étoile:

Then I'll take part of the Swiss Music days organised by Bojan Đorđević and Jonas Kocher with three different projects: Plaistow, diatribes and also with an orchestra conducted by d'incise and myself with local musicians! Exciting programm!

13oct13 Wo0/d'incise/Bondi Gal.12Hub (Belgrade/RS)
14oct13 ImprovE Studio M (Novi Sad/RS)
15oct13 ImprovE Rex (Belgrade/RS)
16oct13 diatribes Menza pri koritu (Ljubljana/SI)
17oct13 diatribes Muzici Salon, SC (Zagreb/HR)
18oct13 Plaistow Interzone Festival (Novi Sad/RS)
19oct13 Plaistow Dom Omladine (Belgrade/RS)


Two concerts in Switzerland with Plaistow!!!

17sept13 Kaufleuten (Zürich/CH)
facebook's event

19sept13 City club (Pully/CH)
facebook's event


Plaistow's newsletter #27 - Russia, Ukraine, India, Europe
september 4th, 2013

after Japan last June, here are our concerts for the next months:
après le Japon en Juin, voici nos prochains concerts:

Russia & Ukraine
06 sept- Moscow (RU) – Dom Club
07 sept- Moscow (RU) – Sokolniki park, ArtMania
08 sept – Voronezh (RU)
10 sept – Kirovograd (UA)
11 sept – Lugansk (UA)
12 sept – Kiev (UA)
13 sept – Koktebel (UA) – Koktebel jazz festival
14 sept – Cherkassy (UA)

in russian:
06 сент– Москва, культурный центр ДОМ
07 сент– Москва, парк Сокольники, Moscow Jazz Festival
08 сент– Воронеж, книжный клуб “Петровский”
10 сент– Кировоград, Театр им. Кропивницкого
11 сент- Луганск, зал Академии культуры и искусств
12 сент- Киев, арт-клуб “Диван”
13 сент– Коктебель, Koktebel Jazz Festival (Волошинская сцена)
14 сент– Черкассы, филармония

17 sept – Zürich (CH) – Kaufleuten
19 sept – Pully (CH) – City Club

18 oct – Novi Sad (RS) – Interzone Festival
19 oct – Belgrade (RS) – Dom Omladine

from 23 to 30 november, concerts TBA

14 dec – Gent (BE) – Glimps Festival
15 dec - Oostende (BE) – Vrijstaat-O

more info from our website:
plus d'infos depuis notre site:

johann posted some photos from Japan on his blog:
quelques photos du Japon sur le blog de johann:

our new album, Citadelle, was realeased by Two Gentlemen Records on 12th april. listen, read, watch & download from our website : notre nouvel album, Citadelle, est sorti sur Two Gentlemen records le 12 avril. écoutez, lisez, regardez et téléchargez depuis notre site : www.plaistow.cc/citadelle


Here we are! Plaistow in Japan for the first time:

21jun13 Airegin (Yokohama/JP)
22jun13 Jazz Candy (Chiba/JP)
23jun13 Nu Things (Osaka/JP)
24jun13 Jazz Jungle (Okinawa/JP)
25jun13 Always Jazz Club (Osaka/JP)
26jun13 UrbanGuild (Kyoto/JP)
27jun13 Jazz Club Noel (Kanazawa/JP)
28jun13 Guggenheim House (Kobe/JP)
29jun13 Next Sunday (Tokyo/JP)
30jun13 Mad City (Matsudo/JP)
01jul13 Valentine drive (Nagoya/JP)
02jul13 Koen-Dori Classics (Tokyo/JP)

ピアノ、ベース、ドラムという所謂古典的と言われるジャズピアノトリオ編成 のPLAISTOWは、スイスを拠点に世界各地で活動を広げるポストジャズバンドとして注目を集めている。これまでのジャズの形式による制約からより自由に、再構築され、2007年ジュネーブで結成後も常に進化し続け新感覚のジャズを探求している。これまでスイス、フランス、ロシア、ドイツ、モロッコ、中東.などで100回のコンサートと5枚のアルバムを発表。バンドの名前 ”Plaistow”はアウトフレックス”と呼ばれるスクエアプッシャー、別名トム·ジェンキンソンの組成物に触発されて命名したものである。ウェブサイトを経由して、主にネットレーベル、Insubordinationsとの連携でインターネット上で無料でその音楽を配布するなど、新世代の発信の仕方を積極的に取り入れている。

即興度高めのピュアな空気を感じさせる張りつめたインプロや、抽象度高めのメロディ、変拍子、ミニマル的展開 な どなど、その手のサウンド系ピアノトリオの ファンのかたには、随喜の涙を流す様な展開が続きます。変化球の連続、スリルとサスペンスに充ち溢れたハイブロウなピアノトリオを聴きたいというファンの 方にお薦めです!

/latest releases/

Stefan Thut
"one and seven"

read more about it
available on INSUB.records
[insubrec05], 2016

diatribes + Cristian Alvear
"Roshambo (trio)"

read more about it
available on 1000füssler records.
1000füssler 031, 2015


read more about it
available on Plaistow's website.
[DYFL04LP or CD], 2015

Magnus Granberg
"How Deep is the Ocean, How High is the Sky?"

read more about it
available on another timbre.
[at87], 2015

"Great stone/Blood dunza"

read more about it
available on aussenraum records.
[AR-LP-003], 2015

Cyril Bondi / Toma Gouband
"Hi No Tori"

read more about it
The printed edition A3 insert contains a serie of pictures of both musicians objects collections.
available on INSUB.records
[insubrec04], 2015 / 12€

Insub Meta Orchestra

read more about it
The printed edition A3 insert contains a long historical text developing the orchestra's evolution since 2010. available on INSUB.records
[insubrec03], 2015 / 12€

"A new castle"

read more about it
available on caduc.
[CA#06], 2014 / 12€

Le Grand Frisson

read more about it
available on Creative Source
cs241, 2013


read more about it
available on INSUB.records
insubrec02, PFD, 2013 / 12€

Cyril Bondi
"The Foil"

read more about it
available on Drone sweet drone records
dsd012, CD, 2013


read more about it
available on Bocian record
bcÖ, LP, 2013


read more about it
available on Two Gentlemen store
Two Gentlemen, [TWOGTL035-2], 2013

Karst & Vincent Barras

read more about it
[insublp01], 2013